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The nature and extent of your challenge isn’t fully understood. A deep understanding of multiple perspectives is required.

Explore. Understand. Test.

Problem Finding

Explore and clarify an idea or challenge without rushing to judgement and solutions.

Problem Solving

Engineering rigour meets creative thinking meets mindful implementation.

Futurescope Experience

Think differently about and do differently in your work and your life.

Working with Emily…


Emily is a connector extraordinaire. She’s a connector of ideas, concepts, possibilities and of people. She has this uncanny ability to see those special connections between things that others simply don’t see, the true hallmark of a creative thinker and facilitator. Emily’s ability is a result of her openness to explore, investigate and to try new things just to see what possibilities might be hidden there. She does all of this with her trademark energy, curiosity and purposeful spontaneity. Whenever I get together with Emily to work on a project or kick the tires on a new idea, big things happen! If you need to open your thinking to new possibilities Emily is the code breaker I would turn to.

Jim Ridge

Illustrator, Videographer, and Lean Change Consultant


Working with Emily is a true pleasure every time. She is thoughtful, discliplined and relentless in pursuing what she is passionate about. Even though Emily is an engineer by trade, she never lets existing rules get in the way of creating great ideas. I love the way she thinks so differently about any challenge she faces.
Lee Kitchen

Innovation Catalyst, Corporate Magic Maker


It’s easy to work with Emily, not only on the hard technical problems but also on the non-technical issues. She is insightful, inquisitive, persistent, and diligent. It’s not easy to bridge the gap in a technical environment, but it seems to come easy to her.

Jim McAllister

Senior Statistics Specialist


Emily’s ability to identify talent and inspire personal growth was major part of our team’s success. Her influence permanently changed our group dynamic and allowed us to achieve goals and targets thought unachievable.

Andre Lacasse

Production Leader, Continuous Improvement Specialist


In every engagement Emily brings energy and curiosity that are rare – she sees the best in situations and people, projects the future potential, and then helps fill in the blanks so you can ‘get there faster’. More specifically, I appreciate and respect her ability to reflect (both internally as well as in a team), to suggest (finding solutions and options) and to do all of the above with a keen eye to timing and why-not-try-it-out candor. If you’re looking for a consultant to bring these things to the party, then Emily is the one to invite!

Andrew Barker

Director of Customer Success


Emily has delivered high-energy and motivating talks to my audience about her practical engineering experiences in an engaging and creative way that remains memorable. One-on-one conversations with Emily about issues and problems leave me motivated to solve them, and thinking yes, that is possible!

Kevin Dunn

Assistant Professor, Adult Learning Innovator

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