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International Women’s Day

Imagine a Gender-Equal World


When you imagine a gender-equal world, what does it look like? Sound like? Feel like? 

As a professional engineer, Emily Nichols imagines “a world where we can stop talking about being women in engineering. A world where we can just be engineers, with role models and mentors of all genders.”

But how do we get there? IMAGINE A GENDER-EQUAL WORLD is a 60-minute program for 20+ participants, in which we focus on the small, daily actions we can all take, no matter our position or profession. All genders welcome.

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Interactive and Engaging? Yes.

In this program, Emily combines storytelling with discussion and teaches some simple sketching skills to help us visualize and move towards a gender-equal world.

Learning Outcomes
  • Explore what a gender-equal world looks like, sounds like, and feels like
  • Express our ideas visually, with words & simple sketches
  • Prepare to take small, daily actions towards our vision

Virtual? Can Do.

Emily presents virtual programs from her studio in Dundas, Ontario. She stands up, she moves around, she has multiple camera angles – she’s so much more than a talking head on Zoom.

Time is short.

International Women’s Day is closer than you think. Do you have a program yet?

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Engineer & Keynote Speaker

Speaking from the stage or the factory floor, Emily Nichols nudges technical people to embrace their human skills, so they can become better problem solvers, team players, and leaders.

A professional engineer with decades of experience in manufacturing and innovation, Emily has worked with organizations like PepsiCo, PPG, Janssen, and Henkel, improving products and processes from breakfast cereal to automotive paint and electrical steel. Emily easily connects at all levels of organizations, inspiring deeper understanding and collaborative teamwork.

Emily has a B.Sc. in Systems Engineering (University of Guelph) and a M.A.Sc. in Chemical Engineering (McMaster University). She summarized her master’s thesis in five Dr. Seuss rhymes.