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build your futurescope

A high-energy experience that will inspire you to think differently about
and do differently in your life and work.

Conference Organizers

Energize your audience with a breakout session where everyone gets to focus on their true #1 priority – themselves.

Business Leaders

Engage and retain your top performers. Inspire your whole team to higher levels of achievement and great business results.

Mid-Career Professionals

Trailblaze your own career path. Explore your potential and make the most of the short time you’ve got.

Emily Nichols

your fearless facilitator

Emily created this workshop because she has been there…

  • the team member who runs out of growth room and leaves the company
  • the busy manager whose perpetual ‘today’ gets in the way of exploring team talents for tomorrow

…and is determined to help ambitious team members and time-strapped managers get their professional and business goals on the same page, for everyone’s benefit.

Participants say…

A great way of framing the future through creativity. I loved her passion and enthusiasm!

Super high-energy. Fun. Insightful.

Emily’s session helped me envision possibilities for my future and inspired me to take prototype steps toward exploring them.

Inspire your team. Keep your stars.

Book a Futurescope Experience.

Nothing beats a real conversation. We’ll start with a 30 minute discovery call to explore and discuss your needs.

I can’t wait to help you look towards the future.